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Sophia Lunt teaching examples


As a teacher in the classroom, the laboratory, and beyond, I strive for student engagement, empowerment, and inclusion. These values also guide me as I lead trainees in my laboratory. To meet these goals, I utilize and continue to refine various techniques that I have learned and developed throughout my career as a student, researcher, mentor, and professor. I promote an inclusive environment by informing and providing students with available tools for success at the beginning of their educational experience. While I come from a well-educated family, I am the first person in my family to attend college and graduate school in the United States and therefore intimately aware of the challenges of navigating a new environment. 



My vision for BMB 101 is provide all Biochemistry freshmen with an equal opportunity to succeed. Many students come to college without knowledge of how to succeed as a science major, or opportunities such as undergraduate research and internships that can provide them with major advantages for their future. Students often find out during their junior or senior year, when it is too late to build their resume. 

Since becoming course coordinator, I have successfully re-designed the course to help freshmen Biochemistry majors succeed. BMB 101 has been completely revamped to include the following: 1) Topics in biochemistry, 2) Relevant skills such as academic success strategies, how to read scientific journal articles, resume building, and interviewing, 3) Overview of the 4-year plan for Biochemistry and Biotechnology majors, 4) Career paths in Biochemistry, 5) Opportunities for undergraduate research, 6) University resources, 7) Engagement with Biochemistry alumni, and 8) Current research in the department.

Highlights from students:

  • “I feel this class was extremely useful for me. No one in my family has ever been to college so I am trying to figure everything out on my own. This class has shown me that I am not alone and that there are resources to help me achieve my academic goals. I feel more prepared now that I have taken this class.” 
  • “I really enjoyed this class because it gave me a good overview of what to expect as a biochemistry major.” 
  • “Listening to Dr. Lunt present her current research is inspiring. It makes a student like me realize that one day that I can educate others.”



BMB 461 is a 3 credit course for advanced Biochemistry majors. I cover several advanced topics including carbohydrates, metabolic regulation, glycolysis, fermentation, the pentose phosphate pathway, and the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex.

Highlights from students:

  • “Keep Dr. Lunt close to these classes! She is particularly exceptional on creating presentations that are helpful during and post lecture.” 
  • “Professor Lunt is amazing in her ability to teach and to help you actually learn the material.”
  • “Dr. Lunt's notes were the most clear and easy to follow, making the material in her section much easier to comprehend and understand. The fill-in-the-blank skeleton notes kept students engaged and really allowed us to know what we were expected to learn. I would suggest that the in-class notes of other sections more closely followed hers.”